It started with a passion for perfection...

and inspiration from renowned Dr. Bernard Jensen.

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Notice: The Colenz® Ultimate Enema System is not available for sale or use within the State of Texas.

Eldon Lowder created the first Continuous Flow Enema System at the request of four medical doctors. They discussed a need for a colon cleansing unit that would allow the user to cleanse the colon in a simple, safe, yet effective way, in the privacy of their own home. The Ultimate Home Cleansing Board was created.

Dr. Bernard Jensen and his wife were good friends with the Lowder family and used their colon cleansing unit in their own home. Dr. Jensen recommended that they change the board’s color to blue, because of the soothing effect the color has. Eldon, respecting the doctor’s advice, changed the unit to the blue that it is today.

Eldon held the patent on this type of one piece board. Even before the patent expired, several companies made very close replicas. They made slight changes in the unit so as not to be an exact copy of Eldon’s. It was even produced in blue following the change of our board to blue. It just goes to show, the ultimate form of flattery is imitation.

The MOST important difference in the Colenz® System is the nozzle. Stainless steel or stiff hard nozzles are never used. “We know that most of the people using these units are not necessarily trained in the turns that the colon takes and might risk injury by poking around in there with a hard nozzle. Therefore we only sell a flexible nozzle,” notes Maxine Lowder. Eldon had simplicity, effectiveness and safety in mind when creating the revolutionary Colenz® Colon Cleansing System.

In the business of inventing until his passing, Eldon created an FDA registered Class I Ultimate Enema System in 2003 that does not require a doctor's prescription. The ultimate system is designed around the original Colenz® board used successfully for years.

“We stand behind our products and have for many years,” notes Bryan Poulsen, Production and Shipping Manager. All Colenz® systems carry a two year warranty. Also, the boards have a lifetime guarantee, if the board should break during normal usage it will be replaced at no cost. “You will not find any other company that even comes close to backing the quality of their unit with the guarantees that we offer,” notes Burgandi Keddington, Office Manager.

The Colenz® Colon Cleansing Systems are manufactured in Riverton, Utah, USA. All components are manufactured in the USA.