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It's easy to use and so effective.

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Fantastic Results!

Every time, I'm impressed.

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A Solid Investment

A great addition to my practice.

So easy to use and clean...

“I couldn’t believe how easy the Colenz was, not only to perform cleansing, but actual cleaning and sanitizing was a breeze. The best feature for me is the fact that you can leave your client alone during their cleanse. Most people feel this is a big factor. Our family makes sure that we have regular weekly cleanses. I love the ease and convenience of the Colenz equipment.”

Cindy Faraci

Las Vegas, Nevada

The best unit on the market...

“I have been using the Colenz unit for three years and I love it. It is so comfortable (small nozzle), relaxing (gravity fed flow of water), efficient (deep gentle cleansing), painless (great position with knee support), empowering for the client (easy, self insertion), totally private, and easy for me, the Colon Hydrotherapist, to supervise the client to completely relax. I am buying my second one. It is so much fun to cleanse with this device. The clients come back because it is so easy and comfortable. This is the best unit on the market.”

Christine Esters

Santa Rosa, California

I made the right decision...

“At first, I was nervous about making such a large investment, but once I evaluated all the different manufacturers, I purchased the Colenz and I instantly knew I made the right decision. After a year of use, I still know I made the best choice. Colenz, Inc. has best customer service and equipment. Once I get more space, I will definately purchase another one.”

Cori Roberts

Mesa, Arizona

The most effective...

“We purchased our Colenz Professional Colon Enema Kit System in March 2002, and are extremely pleased with the increased colon cleansing benefits for our patients. They love the comfort and ease at which the system cleanses the colon, and how little attention is required by the therapist. It gives us confidence knowing our patients are having the most effective care we can give in colon health.”

Joel R. Robbins, D.C.

Tulsa, Oklahoma